LogixPath Business Operations Management

LogixPath (https://lpom.logixpath.com) designs and develops intuitive and intelligent Business Operations Management software for product manufacturers and service providers. We focus on SME operations management essentials in the product development, sales order and work order management, product manufacturing, customer services, and collaboration.

Our goal is to assist businesses to efficiently manage most of the daily operations, to increase productivities, product and service qualities, on time deliveries, and profitability.


Customer Benefits:

  • Design and control the process of producing goods or performing services.
  • Optimize the process to provide high quality products, with low cost and on time delivery.
  • Use a single platform to efficiently manage business processes and elements from sales orders to product and service fulfillment
  • Follow through the Order To Fulfillment lifecycle to ensure on schedule product/service creations and deliveries
  • Discover and control costs, qualities, problems during the product production and service execution
  • Be able to view material, equipment, and workforce demands and capacities
  • Effectively manage product R&D processes to create more competitive products
  • Enable traceability for regulatory and ethics compliances and customer mandates
  • View current business operations status via data statistics and analysis, report, and dashboards
  • Collaborate with customers via company website and customer portal about product/service orders

Software Access: 
      LogixPath software services can be accessed via computer, tablet, and mobile browsers, and installed Mobile Application.

To discover how LogixPath can help your business, welcome to visit our company website:

Company Website: https://lpom.logixpath.com

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